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The Hill Country's award-winning custom home building company

Richard Laughlin has been in the building industry since he was a teenager, and started Laughlin Homes + Restoration in 1984.

Since then, his expertise has grown along with his team of skilled workers.


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Laughlin Homes + Restoration has garnered international, regional and area recognition through winning a multitude of awards.


Being able to adapt and overcome the inevitable building challenges is part of what separates the Laughlin team from others. Laughlin Homes + Restoration embraces that unknown element and comes up with creative solutions.


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Laughlin Homes + Restoration prides itself on being a "truly" custom home builder by never replicating designs. "Every home we build is as unique as the owner."


Laughlin Homes + Restoration strives to be available to all clients - potential, current and past. We will get right back to you.


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With Laughlin, you will have a builder who goes the extra mile to help you achieve the home of your dreams.

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